JONER was a humble attempt on the part of the department of political science, Bodoland University for creating an environment for the young social scientist to gather knowledge and create the environment for serious academic debate and to spread it. The last issue was quite successful in its aim as people from across the country submitted their papers and the present issue too is trying to continue the same zeal.

The current issue contains more than twenty papers ranging from politics, economics, education, history to literature. Although the papers are diverse in nature, the editorial board tries to arrange it on some common grounds and in that exercise the editorial board have to modify a number of papers.

The Bodoland University is the youngest university of the region which is established to uplift the backward region called BTAD (Bodoland) of Assam. With the limited scope and infrastructure the journal tried its level best to come up with latest information and knowledge by the exercise called JONER.

The editorial board is overwhelming at the positive response for the contributors’ support and enthusiasm. The future volumes will try to amend some of the lacking on our part and requests the intellectuals and academic fraternity to tender valuable suggestions to enhance the quality of the Journal. Since the journal runs on the policy of no profit, it has to rely on contributors’ fees only and in the coming days, we will try to make the journal online so that the cost of production is minimized and to make it more accessible. The Editorial Board would like to acknowledge the help and support of honourable V C Prof. Hemant Barua (Bodoland University) and Dr. Sekhar Brahma(Registrar, Bodoland University) for their continuous encouragement.